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The tagline of this blog sums up what this blog is about, but in more detail we wish to provide a safe forum for all people of any faith and none, regardless of who you are, to get together to discuss religion, current affairs and anything else that comes into our heads. This is a safety valve where people are free to discuss thoughts, even heretical ones, so that these can be thrashed out and discussed in a non personalised way over the internet. Anyone and everyone is welcome to comment and engage in the debates here.

Comments policy 

"Just as a knife can be sharpened only on the side of another, so a disciple of a sage improves only through his chaver" Rabbi Hama b. Hanina

"Your chaver will make it [ study] solid in your hand. And do not rely on your own understanding"
Rabbi Nehorai

Preface :

The comments section is for insights that contribute to the post and therefore a welcome tool in discussion and debate, so is a vital part of any blog .It is our conviction that the best way to deal with antipodal views – even deplorable ones – is to challenge them, to argue, to criticise them or, in some cases, to treat them with contempt by ignoring them. This is how a free society functions. Furthermore, we believe that viewpoints can be changed. People may hold loony or repugnant views, but they may come around to another view through discussion and engagement with those who think differently. Silencing people and banning them closes the door forever on the chance to persuade them of their errors or to challenge their ideas. Even when someone's view is such that it probably can never be changed, it is better that a crank idea or an outlandish philosophy is exposed to the light of day of reason, intelligent & erudite challenge.

So these are our guidelines for comments : 

We are very tolerant. Posts will only be deleted in the following circumstances - 

a. Trolling – repeated insincere and inflammatory posts which appear to have no purpose other than to disrupt a discussion.

b. Off-topic – the comments section is for discussion of the issues raised in the post.

c. Abusive, violent or threatening language

d. Libel & slander – the deliberate telling of falsehoods about another person

e. The possibility of Identity spoofing – posing as another commenter or a public figure

f. Spam

g. You’ve really hacked off one of us who is having a bad day/ and or it is 'The time of the month' .

The fact that a comment appears, or has not been deleted, in no way implies an endorsement by this blog of that comment or its author’s views.


 March 2014

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